Let’s raise a glass for the ultimate teacher…


Challenges, failures, and successes – all culminate into experiences that shape our decisions.

These experiences are extremely potent; to the extent that they can color our perspective on a number of important things.

Some experiences can alter our moral fibre; others can reinforce the preliminary truths that have been ingrained in us since childhood.

Experience is the yardstick with which professional  acumen and financial worth is measured out in the workplace.

Experience adds an extra swagger in one’s walk after nailing ten three-pointers in a row on the basketball court.

That satisfied smack of the lips after applying lipstick flawlessly while driving – that’s experience, all right.

It wakes you in the middle of the night, as autumnal breeze makes the windows creak and groan with increasing frequency.  All those pre-Halloween movie marathons, they count as experience, be it fictional and borrowed.

Experience saves us from heartbreak.  You can spot the red flags from a mile away.

Why pause before every turn? Even on a deserted intersection? Previous experiences, more accurately described as close calls, demand you leave space for crazed drivers breaking stoplights.  Experience saves your hard-earned money from ending up in the mechanic’s wallet.

This week social media will be flooded with poems and platitudes, all praising the traditional wielder of wisdom and clarity – a teacher.

You know better than to subscribe to that trend.

After all,  you have the Experience.

Tiny Stories #ForEveryChild

I am taking part in this brilliant initiative by Unicef called Tiny Stories – Writers Unite for Children’s Rights.

Here is my submission:

For warm sunshine to greet their young eyes every morning. To bathe in clean water and get their hair ruffled by a towel as their parent dresses them for school. A mouthful of oatmeal or a fistful of egg-n-paratha to fill their tummies then they race to the bus-stop. An understanding teacher who kneels down to explain the lesson once more. A certificate of appreciation from the principal who reads every entry in a poetry contest. The echo of laughter and the thrill of the chase as playground games take up most of the lunch-break. The excitement of a new discovery as they explore the far reaches of the galaxy on a school field-trip. A quick hug from Mama/Baba/Nana/Dada and then the sweet collapse into a soft bed for a post-school nap. For homework time at the dining table with other kids, maybe siblings or maybe neighbours. Helping to set the table best that they can. Saying grace at dinner-time and getting an extra helping of their favourite dessert. Sandwiched between two hearts, listening to their most-loved bed-time story, ‘one more time!’. Closing their weary yet happy eyes, knowing tomorrow will be another wonderful day to grow, to learn, to live and love!

#DigiWriMo StoryJumping Part 19: Time is a Flat Circle

This is part 19 of a storyjumper for Digital Writing Month. To read the story (so far), follow the links:

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[ The story jumps to Wry…]

After being rudely jostled by the old blind man,  Wry shrug herself off and started staring into the distance. Right about when Kevin/Keith and Sarah/Haras were about to say something to break Wry out of her reverie, she shouted a loud ‘O.k.!’ as if summoning the attention of a room of preschoolers.

Since they were all still in the teahouse, all Wry received were dirty stares and a few frustrated sighs from the time travellers.

‘O.k., What?!’ demanded Haras.

Wry leaned in to say “Time is a flat circle.”

A silence so thick you could cut it with a knife hung in the air as her companions waited to Wry to fill in the context.

“You all are searching for the second map.  I say there is no point to that!

I once was hooked on a mini-series called True Detective and one of the main characters kept repeating this over and over again… ‘Time is a flat circle’.

We will keep repeating we once did, over and over again, ad nauseum. There is never a first or a last.


Don’t you realize that all this activity is futile?  Chasing after the maps won’t save your friend’s life.

Accepting that our lives are interconnected is the key to everyone’s survival!  

If we stop craving instant gratification, which often is in the form of social approval via Facebook/Twitter ( *smirk*), there is a possibility that we can slow the brutal repetition of Time long enough to forge a new world.

A world where people from across the globe connect with each other in authentic, creative ways – free from the interpretations of Mass Media Inc., free from the tweaking of various Middle Men.  A tangible, socially conscious community of loving, fractured souls who align more with their innate humanity than any other outwardly affiliation (be it nationality, sports teams (Go Bulls!), faith, or  politics).

How do we go about proving to Master Time that we are worthy of being freed from it’s clutches? We need to prove our humanity.

The maps are not from the Future. The maps are alive! If, at this very moment, any of us change ANYTHING,  from our order of Earl Grey tea to Jasmine tea, the maps will reflect the change.

I say we look for the other travellers immediately, but this time we have to beat the clock!   We need to get back to the source, the ukelele breaking.  Is there anything more unnatural then violence against a musical instrument?!There needs to a musical performance with harmony, syncopation (Jazz), and unity all in display.”

While the others stood stunned by Wry’s revelation, Sarah/Haras responded earnestly.

Ukeleles, as we know them today, originated in Hawaii.  I think we need to change our path. Let’s get to Hawaii to find the other time travellers – fast!”

[Next up is Grace Raffaele with Part 20 of the Storyjumping for #DigiWriMo!]