Data-driven Insights for Dating

When apps and love come up in a conversation, we ready ourselves for some lame stories of another Tindr swipe gone-wrong or questions of whether we tried the latest contender for … Continue reading Data-driven Insights for Dating

pixel-by-pixel- the psychology behind the Prisma phenomenon

So all that has been standing between me and recognition of my artistic genius is a photo-editing app?

bits, bytes, blockchain

Blockchain is today what Big Data/ Cloud Data was back in 2012- part new-kid-on-the-block and part mysterious technological chanteuse. Everybody’s talking about it, everybody wants a piece of it and almost … Continue reading bits, bytes, blockchain

Comoyo: The New OTT Messaging App on the Block?

With a  precious few minutes remaining on the battery, I was quickly scanning my timeline and saw Telenor’s announcement about launching S7 with VR Gear in Pakistan.  Not only do you get … Continue reading Comoyo: The New OTT Messaging App on the Block?

What I’m reading today: Tech & Edu

Mattel’s $300 3D printer lets you design and create your own toys It’s no Silicon Valley, but Pakistan is building it’s own Startup Scene For gifted children, being intelligent can … Continue reading What I’m reading today: Tech & Edu

Needed:Co-working Spaces in Lahore

What Lahore desperately needs is an affordable Co-working space which is open to all types of professional, techies and non-techies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, cottage-industry workers, bakers and yes, even musicians.

Listed on Speakerinnen!

Proud to be listed on the Speakerinnen website – that, too, highlighting my favorite topics to speak about – Empowering Women, Communications, Educational Technology and Employability Training. Kudos to the founders … Continue reading Listed on Speakerinnen!

Will Uber work in Pakistan?

Is it too unreasonable to expect that some government institution take the initiative to protect the tech industry in this nascent stage?