Asma Jehangir’s Legacy: Speak in Turn, Rise in Unison!

It has been a trying few days after the loss of true feminist icon and fearless advocate for the unprotected, Asma Jehangir. I tried to capture my thoughts and feelings in poetic form. 

Asma Jehangir’s Legacy: Speak in Turn, Rise in Unison!

Shoulder to Shoulder,

hand in hand,

a name, a presence, a force

that continues to rankles men’s egos and upset their comfortable self-delusions

This time around, Time will not heal,

We will leave this gash exposed and untreated

like the state of women, the minorities, the children, the unprotected

across the land

to twirl one’s mustache and think “ab tho yeh bala tali’

there could be no bigger mistake,

jahaan aik thee, ab hain aik hazaar,

sirf aik hazaar awaazein nahi, par goonjey thi we azaan hai yeh

bohot ho gaya intezar, auratein, miskeen, bachoon ka – Insaaf ke liye!

Asma Jehangir, courage and integrity personified, leaves up to Us

To Carry On,

To Be Strong,

To Be Fair.


– Mariam Shoaib