Push for Web Conference for Public Hearing on Cyber Crime Bill!

Finally, after the dedicated efforts of numerous advocacy groups, ngos and private citizens,  the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication has agreed to a public hearing of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes (PEC) Bill 2015 this Friday, 22 May in Islambad. 

Next Step? We request the Committee to set up two-way video conferencing so the public can participate on Friday’s Hearing on the Cyber Crime Bill (PECB 2015).  

It is a well-established precedent the world over that committees hold public hearings via web conference. They announce the time, the web address, and publish all the other necessary details so those web-savvy citizens can chime in and fully participate in the hearing.  I suggest you look into popular tools including GoToMeeting.com and Web Conferencing by Cisco.

There are many concerned students and professionals who have both the expertise and the right to take part in Friday’s hearing and we should fully utilize technology to make this possible.