Why are we here?

According to the philosopher Montaigne, “The great and glorious legacy of a human being is to live with purpose.”  As 2017 inches closer I find myself wondering more and more about my purpose and whether the actions I am taking are in sync. I keep circling back to serving humanity in an intentional and deliberate manner. If the work I do can not uplift mankind, preferably in a tangible way, it should ,at the least, improve their ability to gain financial stability and employable soft skills.

photo-1474524559940-5d22e9320205I think thats why the focus on training and development keeps circling back in my notes.  There are a few audits to be taken and I am curious to see how aligned 2016 has been with my inner compass.  I suspect some remedial work will be on the ‘to-do’ list.