CSP15: Talking about Cyber Safety in Islamabad

Alternative Title: How to Keep the Cyber Creeps Away

Good to be back on here! So let’s do a recap, shall we?I was invited to run a workshop on Cybersafety for Women and Children at the Cybersecure Pakistan Conference 2015 in Islamabad last month.  Continue reading “CSP15: Talking about Cyber Safety in Islamabad”

I have no choice

I have come to the realization, while collecting snippets of ideas, conversations, pictures to share with you all, that is quite key to the creation of Catalystwoman.com.

I have a compulsion to fuse together ideas from technology, education and the arts. There is simply no other way for me to function.  (The internet has captured this wonderfully – visit any of my blogs mentioned in the about section)

I have no choice…  I must strive to be a Catalyst for the intersection of tech, edu, and culture.