Catalyst Woman Podcast 3: Digitally Detoxed

Episode #3 of the Catalyst Woman podcast talks about different ways the ‘Net is coaxing us to go…off-line. Ironic, no?  Listen in.

Show Notes:

Morning Pages: The Artist’s Way| Julia Cameron Live


Top 10 Ideas List: James Altucher


Catalyst Woman’s Digital Detox:


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Music in the Intro: VooDoo Funk – The Apostles – Oshi Onwu

Link: Voodoo-funk – Oshi-onwu

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P.S. Sorry for my Kermit-the-Frog-like voice, battling a cold.

The Un-Cool Disruption

Sometimes it feels like all those apps and gadgets meant to simplify one’s life actually cause more distractions. Case in point, the ten to twenty Google Play app updates that pop up daily. Even if they are ticked for automatic updating, they manage to disrupt one’s flow of work or a conversation.

I am considering a digital detox this December, partly so I can start getting my podcasts out each Wednesday!

I shall spend two hours, from 8 to 10 pm, every evening this week unplugged from the ‘net.  Will share how it went next Monday.