Cyber Crime Bill 2015: What’s Next?

Cyber Crime Bill 2015 Meeting Update

Update on CyberCrime Bill 2015 Meeting As mentioned in an earlier post, one the most pressing matters in Pakistan these days is the contents of the proposed Cyber Crime Bill, or  the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill (PECB) 2015. Following the disappointment that the Public Hearing granted was in effect just a 90 minute session… Continue reading Cyber Crime Bill 2015: What’s Next?

Cautionary Tale for Pakistan’s Tech Industry

These are exciting, heady times to be involved in Technology and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. With many province-backed Technology boards kicking 'start-up' incubators and accelerators into high gear (namely Punjab and KPK), while both private and public universities are scrambling to join bandwagon to nurture the next Instagram or Uber, many young Pakistanis are being led… Continue reading Cautionary Tale for Pakistan’s Tech Industry