Terracotta Hearts & a Plastic Eden: Lahore’s First-ever Biennale

Part 'Choose Your Own Adventure' and part a deluge of contemporary artwork, Lahore's first-ever Biennale was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

City Blog: Joie de Vivre & Lahore Eat

It was supposed to a quick stop. In and out. A check-in. Basically a #keepingupwiththeKhans in lieu of the Joneses. Plus, we didn't have any other plans this Saturday night.  We trooped into Lahore Eat with minimal expectations and maxing out on  comfy shoes. To our collective surprise, the open-air stadium ground was well-kept, there… Continue reading City Blog: Joie de Vivre & Lahore Eat

On Dance (found on the web)

  Dance isn’t something that drops from the heavens; it is a living, evolving tradition and conservation of this tradition lies in constant, responsible change, not in cementing the norms. There is a complete paranoia that we are going to lose our heritage if we expand its boundaries, but we will actually lose it only… Continue reading On Dance (found on the web)

the world on the web this week

Sound that You Can Wear "...“You’re going to change the word listen to feel,” says Timbaland. “It’s about whole body, completing the experience.” ... SubPac is creating its own physical-sound category through two unique products: the SubPac M2, a wearable vest, and the SubPac S2, a seatback device. Similar to sub woofers in the back… Continue reading the world on the web this week

About LLF 2016 & ’Love Letters’ the Play

The security situation leading to a change in venue and the shift from Alhamra to the Avari Hotel’s grounds ended up making a quite a difference for this year’s Lahore Lit Fest.  Not only was the trademark art exhibit missing, there was a distinct shortage of wares and cultural activities to engage LLF-goers not attending… Continue reading About LLF 2016 & ’Love Letters’ the Play

Balm for the Soul: Arooj’s ‘Bird Under Water’ and Ashba’s Artwork

December has been rough, especially rough, on human race. The innocent lives lost in the terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar Pakistan - The fight against police brutality and for justice for Eric Garner and Mike Brown- The strong stand against a broken justice system  and for the wrongfully incriminated (Serial's Adnan Syed) and… Continue reading Balm for the Soul: Arooj’s ‘Bird Under Water’ and Ashba’s Artwork