Planning a Mock Interview Activity

Less than two hours before my evening class at the university begins and I am all smiles. Is it usual for a Communications instructor to be so pumped about their courses?

Mock InterviewsIt is for me, especially since we are scheduled to take part in Mock Job Interviews this evening.

We’ll begin with a run-through of what my students perceive as commonly-asked interview questions. Since a majority of the learners today belong to the accountancy field, I will include anecdotes and examples relating directly to their industry.

Once the brain muscle is warmed up, we will divide into groups of two to partner up for the Mock Job Interviews activity.  There will two rounds, so each participant has an opportunity to experience the ‘seat of power’ a.k.a. the H.R. person’s perspective.

The idea behind the entire exercise is to familiarise the learners with possible situations that can occur in the interview room.  We have the added advantage of reviewing the dialogue that takes place on-the-spot.  I encourage my students to engage in constructive feedback and such activities give plenty of room for collaborative learning and teamwork.

I’d write more, but that’ll be cutting it close. Have to save the notes and get ready for tonight’s class!