Time to ‘Woman Up’!

Two quotes from the interwebz - one message - it's time to 'Woman Up!' Fun thought: could we build a lady tech mafia so strong the men will start to complain? — Danielle Morrill (@DanielleMorrill) March 15, 2016 “Profound change will be possible only if we build a grand female tradition that men are forced… Continue reading Time to ‘Woman Up’!

Work It, Girl: How Tech Has Changed the WorkDay


My browser is overflowing tabs with various articles covering the transformation of 'Work' in contemporary times.  I simply can not get enough of this discussion, and despite the different sources, these writings make up a vital dialogue about the future of 'Work'.  All our academic lives are spent in preparation for our entrance into the… Continue reading Work It, Girl: How Tech Has Changed the WorkDay

National Savings Bank of Pakistan- Stuck in the Past

The Scene: I knew what that was. THAT  was the standard "ignore-and-avert-eyes" tactic being employed by the mustachioed clerk at the National Savings Bank . Here I was, a regular Pakistani citizen, pestering the employee with questions when it was quite clear that he had only had his second cup of tea*.  He hung his head lower… Continue reading National Savings Bank of Pakistan- Stuck in the Past

All these companies that start as technological companies become antitechnological in character. Whether the world changes or not might vary from company to company, but if it turns out that these antitechnology companies are going to be good investments, that’s quite bad for our society. Peter Theil to MIT Tech Review  http://www.technologyreview.com/qa/530901/technology-stalled-in-1970/