Speech Writing

Q. What are you offering?

A. Speech writing services for vice presidents,executives, business owners, and keynote speakers.

Q. Why would I need a speech writer? 

A. You may need the right words to thank donors at fundraising event. Your company may be introducing a significant change in the structure and you need to address all the stakeholders.  

Q. What If I already have a speech written? 

We can work with you to revise an existing speech , look at it with a fresh pair of eyes , so it connects with the audience. 

Q. What type of speeches and writing services can  your team provide? 

A.  We can easily provide the following tailored to your needs:

  • Executive Keynotes

  • Government Policy Speeches

  • Ceremonial Speeches: Galas, Award Acceptances, and Commemorations

  • TED Talks

  • CEO Remarks – CEO’s Fireside Talks *Start-ups Only* 

  • Investor Pitches 

  • Book Tour speeches for fiction and non-fiction authors

  • Non fiction writing: Magazine articles, op-eds, editorials, website copy – whatever you require. 

Q.  I am ready to get started. How do I contact your team? 

A.  Drop us a message on our Contact Page or Email us at talktocatalystwoman [at] gmail [dot] com.