Good Convos and #GreenIt Campaign Launch w/Amb. Martin Kobler in Islamabad

It was an honor to meet with so many caring, motivated individuals, all of whom are so passionate about their respective causes.

Terracotta Hearts & a Plastic Eden: Lahore’s First-ever Biennale

Part 'Choose Your Own Adventure' and part a deluge of contemporary artwork, Lahore's first-ever Biennale was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Women-Only: Out with the Bucket-list, In with the Action Plan

Stop waiting for permission to achieve your dreams- You are probably standing in your own way!

Book Review: An American Family by Khizr Khan

'An American Family' is literally one of the few Advanced Reader Copies or ARCs that I finished reading within days of receiving it via NetGalley. I was curious to read the story of Khizr Khan. He is the Pakistani-American man who stood proudly at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 to take Donald Trump to… Continue reading Book Review: An American Family by Khizr Khan

Let’s raise a glass for the ultimate teacher…

Experience. Challenges, failures, and successes - all culminate into experiences that shape our decisions. These experiences are extremely potent; to the extent that they can color our perspective on a number of important things. Some experiences can alter our moral fibre; others can reinforce the preliminary truths that have been ingrained in us since childhood.… Continue reading Let’s raise a glass for the ultimate teacher…

The devil has the best lines.

 Big Hair, even Bigger Dreams:  Wisdom from the G.L.O.W.  Be Ok with Being Unlikeable. Being okay with being unlikeable is a rude awakening for many in this selfie-driven / likes-driven world. We can not imagine being ignored, discounted or misunderstood by the public at-large. Ruth, our heroine in magenta tights, does not suffer from this… Continue reading The devil has the best lines.

“a pleasant task to do”

Upon resuming activity on the blog, I thought it best to start the party with this poem (part-wish/part-realization). This is My Life by William Stanley Braithwaite To feed my soul with beauty till I die;  To give my hands a pleasant task to do; To keep my heart forever filled anew With dreams and wonders… Continue reading “a pleasant task to do”