Ways I Can Help

(This page is intended for people interested in consultancy services)

I firmly believe in the following quote; ‘ Mentally Strong People are Always Solving Other People’s Problems’ *.  I am sure if we can lend our expertise to each other, there is no end to the exciting technological developments we can see in our lifetimes!  The Future is Now!

So let’s band together to create innovative products/services  and provide intuitive solutions.

Here I will try to list things I am good at below.

Have a look.  Maybe we can work together on a project.  : )

I can provide feedback on …

  • Technology-focused Content on Social Media
  • Education-based start-ups (at the feasibility and funding phases)

I can provide  assistance on ..

  • Human Resources:  Interviewing Skills / Recruitment Strategy
  • Business Communications (Basic/Refresher/Advanced)
  • Designing and Rolling out Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • English: Reading and Spoken Fluency
  • Digital Literacy: Use your multiple digital gadgets with ease

I have practical domain expertise in …

  • Executive Education –  Workshops and One-on-One Trainings
  • Magazine-level Editorials
  • Broadcast News, live- editing, fact-checking, news analysis
  • Corporate Communications
  • Non-Profit – Grant Research
  • Non-Profit – Grant Writing
  • Corporate-level  Trainings and Workshops

Ways I can I help … (Misc)

  • I have a pretty comprehensive view of stuff happening in the tech world and I can provide communications strategy analysis  about technology companies addressing specific problem areas.
  • I have over 9 years of writing and editing experience and I still write/edit regularly, so my advice tends to be rooted in practice rather than theory.
  • I like helping and I’m open to just about anything. If there’s something not on this list, please ask.  🙂  email: talktocatalystwoman [at]

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Catalyst Woman Consultancy

Available worldwide, based in Pakistan.

* The wonderfully honest James Altucher

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