Storytelling Techniques for Startups

Narrate Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success

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Storytelling is a skill which can unify and connect an audience to your message and you. As a new business, your startup team needs create effective messaging to make your target audience believe in the product – as much as you do!  People relate to a story using their own frames of reference so that they engage at a deeper level on their own terms. Stories involve the emotions and logic of the listener. They motivate and entertain. The can have direct, practical applications. For example, forging corporate identity, explaining major restructuring or selling products. Stories are not necessarily long. They can sometimes be more powerful if they are short, organised anecdotes.

Areas covered:

  • Choosing a relevant story
  • Defining its purpose
  • Structuring the story
  • Delivering the story
  • Vocal Skills

You will learn to convey more compelling narratives – whether for your company or your product.  The focus is on using the origin story- your Eureka moment!- to drive across the unique importance of the startup.

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