Organizational Communication

“Create Bonds That Last – Strengthen Relationships That Deliver Results!”!

Course Overview

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” – no truer words have been spoken, especially when organisations are concerned. Without clear communication and positive values that align with the company culture, it is an uphill task for organisations to consistently achieve their targets. Senior management’s role is instrumental to the creation of interdepartmental dialogue and maintaining the quality of conversation at all times, irregardless of the stress level.

This Organizational Communication and Interdepartmental Conversation Training by Catalyst Woman Consultancy is meant to strengthen existing interdepartmental communications while sharpening the team-building and synergy-building skills of the current leadership. 

The trainer will work with senior leadership to identify and implement an action plan tailored to the communication needs of your organization. Successful adoption of the action plan will ensure swift improvement in cross-departmental communications – a win for all involved!

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