H.R. & Talent Acquisition

Human Resource Management for Non-HR Managers

Course Description

You do not always have the expertise to deal with the many employee relationship issues you face, and yet you will be expected to make decisions that are both effective and legal. This workshop will walk you through the hiring process, from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview; discuss orientation; and cover some issues that arise after the hiring process.

The employee life-cycle and the legal framework for:

  • recruitment and selection
  • employee engagement and managing the psychological contract
  • rewarding employees
  • handling termination of employment
  • managing employee performance and discipline.

Creating Effective Job Descriptions

Course Description

Sooner or later, you will have to sit down and write down a job description for a new role at your organisation.  Attend our training to get valuable insight into the latest legal requirements regarding the accuracy and relevancy of job descriptions.  In addition, you will gain valuable resources such as customisable templates and tip sheets.

  • Establishing baselines for every position

  • Critical components every job description must have or you’re
    wasting your time

  • Using job descriptions to establish organizational structure stability
    and longevity

  • How to get organizational wide support

Conducting a Job Analysis

  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Know the difference between skills, background, responsibilities
    and functions

  • How to gather relevant information

  • How to identify essential functions of any job

Writing Job Descriptions That Work

  • Do you know the basic requirements?

  • How to make them dynamic, functional and current

  • Writing tips and techniques

  • Job descriptions that encourage employees to grow with their position

Legal Issues to Be Aware Of

  • How to properly use disclaimers that can keep you out of court
    down the road

  • Compare and contrast good and bad job descriptions with some
    real-world examples

  • Checking for compliance with legal requirements, including
    reasonable accommodations

Using Job Descriptions as A Strategic Management Tool

  • Setting applicant selection criteria

  • Determining compensation structure and level

  • Establishing training needs

  • Establishing job responsibilities and career paths

  • Setting performance appraisal criteria