#1 One Reason for Millennial Women to be Financially Literate

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Blog Series: 10 Reasons For Millennial Women To Be Financially Literate Are you Financially Literate? Being financially literate goes beyond knowing how much savings one has in the bank; it means possessing the ability for informed financial decision-making.  I will be sharing the top ten reasons why Millennials Women MUST dominate their finances and what that… Continue reading #1 One Reason for Millennial Women to be Financially Literate

Catalyst Woman Podcast 3: Digitally Detoxed

Episode #3 of the Catalyst Woman podcast talks about different ways the 'Net is coaxing us to go...off-line. Ironic, no?  Listen in. ---------------------- Show Notes: Morning Pages: The Artist's Way| Julia Cameron Live Link: juliacameronlive.com/the-artists-way/ Top 10 Ideas List: James Altucher Link: http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2012/10/how-to…-idea-machine/ Catalyst Woman's Digital Detox: Link: thecatalystwoman.wordpress.com/2014/12/0…sruption/ Thanks for Listening! Music in the… Continue reading Catalyst Woman Podcast 3: Digitally Detoxed