Women-Only: Out with the Bucket-list, In with the Action Plan

Stop waiting for permission to achieve your dreams- You are probably standing in your own way!

Product Design Demands Discomfort

Take a careful look at the infographic titled The AHA Moments above.  Ranging from age 19 to 47, these people  have revolutionised how we communicate (Steve Jobs/iPhone), how we re-energize (Dietrich Mateschitz/ RedBull) and even workout (Chip Wilson/Lululemon Yoga Pants). None of them set out to create a break between the old and new way… Continue reading Product Design Demands Discomfort

Book Review: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

4/5 Stars Love,love, LOVE how Elizabeth Gilbert gets what's f*cked up with our perceptions around creativity! This is an engaging read, without the 'holier-than-thou' overtones most guides have. In fact, it reads more like journal entries than a 'self-help' book, and that's perfect. Those guides are last things we need crowding our bookshelves. Yeah, so… Continue reading Book Review: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

On the way

  On the way Gaining altitude steadily There comes a Subhan Allah moment Streetlights fast becoming ants a-glow Stars their firefly brethren Guarding the cobalt galaxy In between slices the wing of the mechanical bird Catapulting us wearily into the past Counter orbit Dome of stars Sprinkling of childhood dreams and glow-in-the-dark sticky space-scapes The… Continue reading On the way