My interests most strongly lie in covering the latest and most controversial in the digital world, and also, how messily our virtual/digital/’real’ (whatever that means!) lives intersect and overlap via a variety of screens and handheld devices.

Data-driven Insights for Dating

When apps and love come up in a conversation, we ready ourselves for some lame stories of another Tindr swipe gone-wrong or questions of whether we tried the latest contender for … Continue reading Data-driven Insights for Dating

Product Design Demands Discomfort

Take a careful look at the infographic titled The AHA Moments above.  Ranging from age 19 to 47, these people  have revolutionised how we communicate (Steve Jobs/iPhone), how we re-energize … Continue reading Product Design Demands Discomfort

Virtual Reality: Untapped Opportunity

The Science Immersion + Interactivity = Tele-Presence. That is how the VR techies define Virtual Reality.  For us regular folks, here is a simpler definition: Virtual reality is  computer generated … Continue reading Virtual Reality: Untapped Opportunity

Re-designing the #Beatme Campaign by UN Women Pakistan

Do watch the #Beatme Anti-Violence Campaign by UN Women Pakistan. What do you think?  I think the campaign deserves a complete re-design. First off, what an unfortunate choice of words … Continue reading Re-designing the #Beatme Campaign by UN Women Pakistan