Tiny Stories #ForEveryChild

I am taking part in this brilliant initiative by Unicef called Tiny Stories – Writers Unite for Children’s Rights.

Here is my submission:

For warm sunshine to greet their young eyes every morning. To bathe in clean water and get their hair ruffled by a towel as their parent dresses them for school. A mouthful of oatmeal or a fistful of egg-n-paratha to fill their tummies then they race to the bus-stop. An understanding teacher who kneels down to explain the lesson once more. A certificate of appreciation from the principal who reads every entry in a poetry contest. The echo of laughter and the thrill of the chase as playground games take up most of the lunch-break. The excitement of a new discovery as they explore the far reaches of the galaxy on a school field-trip. A quick hug from Mama/Baba/Nana/Dada and then the sweet collapse into a soft bed for a post-school nap. For homework time at the dining table with other kids, maybe siblings or maybe neighbours. Helping to set the table best that they can. Saying grace at dinner-time and getting an extra helping of their favourite dessert. Sandwiched between two hearts, listening to their most-loved bed-time story, ‘one more time!’. Closing their weary yet happy eyes, knowing tomorrow will be another wonderful day to grow, to learn, to live and love!