More than Desks: Co-Working Spaces in Lahore

Co-Working  Spaces need to be More than Desks Listen to the Podcast on Soundcloud  or iTunes.   Don't forget to rate the podcast on iTunes!  I pick up where I left off on the topic of Co-working Spaces in Lahore. I talk about one of new spaces I visited upon invitation in April, Forrun Office,… Continue reading More than Desks: Co-Working Spaces in Lahore

Virtual Reality Headsets: Beyond Entertainment

The purpose behind writing this is to explore the utility of Virtual Reality Headsets and  the accompanying software, beyond the narrow scope of Entertainment.   Google Glassware - Where are you?  I often ponder and while pondering, I often think about failed technology. Google Glass and it's accompanying apps (Glassware) qualifies for such a thought… Continue reading Virtual Reality Headsets: Beyond Entertainment