Ruby it is! – Picking a Language to Learn

Picking up from my last post, I have decided upon Ruby as the computer programming language to learn this year.  CodeAcademy has an 'Introduction to Ruby' course that is low-key enough to work on during a tea-break or long phone call. I'll be trying out this 20 minute Ruby Tutorial once the course is completed.… Continue reading Ruby it is! – Picking a Language to Learn

Mini-Goal#1? Learn Basic Coding

I am finally getting around to starting on my mini-goal for 2016 (Hello April!), which is to learn basic coding. I began with CodeAcademy's free javascript introductory course. What did I learn to do? I animated my name. Now, I'd like something much more challenging so I am looking at exploring one of the back-end… Continue reading Mini-Goal#1? Learn Basic Coding

bits, bytes, blockchain

Blockchain is today what Big Data/ Cloud Data was back in 2012- part new-kid-on-the-block and part mysterious technological chanteuse. Everybody's talking about it, everybody wants a piece of it and almost everybody is intrigued by it. The open ledger-mining method for tracking, trading and creating digital -slash- cryptocurrency called Bitcoin for monetary transactions across the internet… Continue reading bits, bytes, blockchain