Smash the Patriarchy

Sometimes, in the middle of a debt-inducing buying frenzy over cute-yet-empowering notepads, pins, cellphone covers and jewelry, I can't help but wonder if us women are being supported or patronised? Do we require these messages to be emblazoned across our chests on t-shirts or dotting the back our iPads while we read on the train… Continue reading Smash the Patriarchy

Comoyo: The New OTT Messaging App on the Block?

With a  precious few minutes remaining on the battery, I was quickly scanning my timeline and saw Telenor's announcement about launching S7 with VR Gear in Pakistan.  Not only do you get the gear for free if you are Telenor customer, you will get an opportunity to try out the Comoyo app.  Comoyo? I hadn't heard of… Continue reading Comoyo: The New OTT Messaging App on the Block?

Are we reinventing the wheel with Values-based Education?

Do we need Values-based curriculum when we can modify Faith-based curriculum ?  Every resource I have come upon during my research still quotes the 'Golden Rule',which for the unfamiliar is 'Do unto others as you want others to do unto you', and has it's origin linked to one of the major world religions (Christianity). Intuitively, I… Continue reading Are we reinventing the wheel with Values-based Education?

Time to ‘Woman Up’!

Two quotes from the interwebz - one message - it's time to 'Woman Up!' Fun thought: could we build a lady tech mafia so strong the men will start to complain? — Danielle Morrill (@DanielleMorrill) March 15, 2016 “Profound change will be possible only if we build a grand female tradition that men are forced… Continue reading Time to ‘Woman Up’!

Designing for Deeper Learning

Love this model. Many schools don't get beyond content knowledge. #deeperlearning requires much more. #HFAinnovates — Lisa Palmieri, Ph.D. (@Learn21Tech) March 12, 2016 Since I am up to my eye-balls in primary-school curriculum these days, I found this model worth a closer look. All school leaders should have this model hanging in the office… Continue reading Designing for Deeper Learning

ICYMI : Uber in Pakistan + Women Right’s Bill

**ICYMI - The most tweet-worthy stories in #Gender in #Pakistan this week: Source: Website & Dawn Website Uber in Pakistan features in both the #gender and the #tech category this week, as Dawn/Reuters covers Uber Pakistan's efforts to allay fears about conduct of it's workforce with upfront sexual harassment training.  This follows the company being… Continue reading ICYMI : Uber in Pakistan + Women Right’s Bill

IMHO:Every Day is Women’s Day

According to social media today is International Women's Day 2016. Every day is Women's Day. ** Every day will remain Women's Day until being a woman and being a professional is no longer exceptional, rather it's the rule. Every day will remain Women's Day until being a mother and working full-time will be a choice made out… Continue reading IMHO:Every Day is Women’s Day