On the way


On the way20160115_061616

Gaining altitude steadily

There comes a Subhan Allah moment

Streetlights fast becoming ants a-glow

Stars their firefly brethren

Guarding the cobalt galaxy

In between slices the wing of the mechanical bird

Catapulting us wearily into the past

Counter orbit

Dome of stars

Sprinkling of childhood dreams and glow-in-the-dark sticky space-scapes

The defining glimpse of twin realities

Grab an eyeful ‘fore it’s gone

Like all that is Magic

Sudden, serene and swift

The Master’s handiwork is limitless,


(Note: This was typed on the 11 pm flight, with the Auto-correct making for hilarious interpretations of words like ‘glow-in-the-dark’. I used to write phrases all poem-like quite often, so this was like ‘going home’. )