Stranded in Career Hell?

Slowly but surely, your career search is starting to resemble the Sahara Desert *- miles upon miles of punishing expanse with no guarantee of relief. Interview calls that never arrive – CVs and resumes that illicit no response – the future looks bleak and lifeless.

The thirst is unbearable, the need to live, truly live and regain control, even for the simple things, paying the bills on time or buying your sweetheart their favorite book, has reached it’s pinnacle.  You reach for a glass of water only to find it empty – the last drop long evaporated in this never-ending summer.

CW Post sad kitty

Any hope of a viable career opportunity has long abandoned you. Panting, dusty, and covered with the stench of failure, you drop to your knees in the burning sand and squint upwards into the Sun.

Should you wave the white flag?  Settle for the ‘job-you-can -get’ versus the ‘career-of-your-dreams’?

CW Post Career Success 2

Not so fast!  There is an oasis in your immediate future – provided you follow the ‘3 – P’ Plan going into 2016.


Plan everything. Your job search strategy must be scheduled into your daily planner or Google calendar. If you do not make time for the job search, you can not reasonably expect results.  I recommend you spend at least 25% of the working day (Mondays through Fridays) actively engaging in job search activities.


Mind over matter. The old maxim holds true; you are waging a psychological battle against your worst fears, that of financial insecurity, poverty, invisibility, failure, so on.   You must shift your attitude into one that is present in the moment. Your current status is not unemployed. Your current status is ‘a professional exploring new experiences  leading to dynamic career development’. You must pivot into a position of positivity and proactivity. This is your life that is on-the-line.

Power Through

Stick to the plan – Stay committed to path, no matter how tiresome. You will have to call upon the ‘Pivot’ many times, think of it as a refreshing drink of water in the midsummer day, defeating all negative self-talk that may discourage you.

*You may find the desert analogy a bit extreme, but ask anyone who has been there, the path between jobs can feel as challenging.   

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