is Alive! + <3 + Fix Online Payment Methods

This story contains a roller coaster of emotions – the thrill of creation (when the Catalyst Woman was conceived), the excitement of the chase ( choosing a blogging platform, had to be, the nervousness setting in ( as I opted for a payment method to map my pre-purchased domain to the blog) and much more.

Here’s a little background: I was pleased to find out that today marks my 9th Anniversary with

Superb news! I have opted for every time I needed to create content, be it for work or for play; despite brief flirtations towards others (Tumblr, Blogger, lookin’ at ya).

However, this celebration was tad bittersweet. Reason being that since I live in Pakistan, I had opted to sync up my pre-purchased domain  [] with my pre-existing blog here on It was all pretty simple until the payments method for the Domain Mapping/Hosting options came up.

Since Paypal has YET to support Pakistani potential consumers, the only other option available was to try out a credit card or debit card. That I did. However, my Pakistan-based debit/credit cards (Visa-Shisa, Mastercard -Shastercard)  were a no-go.

This was over 6 months ago!  The normal route would be to pull a favor from a friend based in the North America and wire them the equivalent amount.  Alternatively, it would be to transfer over my blog to another service that is more accessible for a Pakistani-based content producer.

I was in a tough spot.


I LOATHE unnecessary favors.  You never know when you’ll need to cash one in, a.k.a. Alien attack scenario.

Work took over, Life took over and the decision was hanging there –  untaken. 

Fast-forward to the present:  I share my delight on marking 9 years with ( 10 years blogging officially) on Twitter.  A friend gently reminds that it may be time to graduate to the big leagues (Thanks Faisal). I share that indeed I have a domain waiting in the vault, but without all the gory detail shared with you here. <3

Couple of hours later, I get an e-mail from Rachel, a Happiness Engineer at, who noticed the tweet and gifted me a generous amount of credits on account of the anniversary!   So Awesome!  

Viktor Frankenstein Moment
My Apologies, Mary Shelley

I instantly plugged in the credits and now is  ALIVE!  *cue Dr. Viktor Frankenstein* I mean the site is LIVE. 

Kudos,, kudos!

While this is a great development and I am immensely grateful, I do have a request.

Can you ( Team) look into alternative payment methods/options for your loyal Pakistani consumers? 

We use MasterCard/Visa  debit and credit cards that work internationally and many of us who work/freelance/ telecommute online  are paid via Skrill or Payoneer.  These are all quick, easy and pain-free payment methods that will make keeping us global workers engaged with and all the much easier.  It would make sense to continue your exemplary customer experience by sorting out this payments issue in an Emerging Market like Pakistan.

Waiting to hear back from my friends at

Meanwhile, I have a site to work on.