Q. What is ‘Mobilegeddon’?

A. Google, the Almighty Search Engine, has significantly changed its search algorithms to favour Mobile-Friendly and Popular websites. Now those will float to the very top of the search results.

Q. What’s the Big Deal? 

A. It’s important because while almost 86% of smartphone users use Google to search, only 38% of websites online are mobile-friendly.  If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will now rank lower on the search results and that leads to less eye-balls on your website.

Bummer. 😦

Q. How can I check if my site is Mobile-Friendly?

A. Easy. Google has thought of everything. Just follow the link and see if your site is mobile-friendly.   Mobile-Friendly Test

Btw, we passed the test!


Q. Umm, How can I make my site Mobile-Friendly? 

A. Check in with your website host – chances are there is already a mobile-friendly template readily available for you to select and update your website with.