Balm for the Soul: Arooj’s ‘Bird Under Water’ and Ashba’s Artwork

December has been rough, especially rough, on human race.

The innocent lives lost in the terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar Pakistan – The fight against police brutality and for justice for Eric Garner and Mike Brown- The strong stand against a broken justice system  and for the wrongfully incriminated (Serial’s Adnan Syed) and many more heart-breaking instances.

I offer two potential balms for your soul, dear reader – one visual  and the other audio – through the wonders of modern technology.  Pray, process,  + Stay Strong.


Catalyst Woman

Artwork by a promising young artist of Pakistani descent: Ashba Zulfiqar.

Soul-stirrings in lyrical/vocal form by the humble genius, also belonging to Pakistan:  Arooj Aftab.

Bird Under Water cover art