“Stop Working Now!”

How I wish someone would have softly whispered that in my ear while I had trudged into the bleak, smoke-filled office as a young intern.  I kept thinking in my early professional life that work was meant to be unrewarding and I must persevere since I am ‘paying my dues’. While there are many ‘passion’ gurus who tempt the cubicle-weary to quit this very instant, there are few that sound authentic and present proof of their own success.

Interior Monologue: I gotta ton of passion but it ain’t gonna pay my rent!

If you have ever felt the same way, might I suggest checking out my friend Momekh’s philosophy of The Pro-Hobbyist. I recently asked Momekh to visit Information Technology University-Punjab (ITU) to share his unique take on the eternal debate of career vs. vocation. He led us through various real-life scenarios where regular folk, like you and I, could smartly convert a hobby such as baking specialty cakes or running a small farm into a source of  (sustainable) income. I am looking forward to the detailed workshop to find out more about Momekh’s take on the going solo-proneur.