The Un-Cool Disruption

Sometimes it feels like all those apps and gadgets meant to simplify one’s life actually cause more distractions. Case in point, the ten to twenty Google Play app updates that pop up daily. Even if they are ticked for automatic updating, they manage to disrupt one’s flow of work or a conversation.

I am considering a digital detox this December, partly so I can start getting my podcasts out each Wednesday!

I shall spend two hours, from 8 to 10 pm, every evening this week unplugged from the ‘net.  Will share how it went next Monday.

2 thoughts on “The Un-Cool Disruption

  1. Digital detox!!! They are addictive! Highly recommended. I don’t check email on my phone. A year, I couldn’t even say that line, fearing some voodoo magic breaking my day or something.

    I hard-resetted the phone, now only have Instagram on it. FB is by default there, thinking of removing that too.

    Creators and consumers, two different people.


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